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You can find this link in the top right-hand side corner of the backend landing page.




Here, you can enter personal information, choose the preferred plan, access your personal API key or delete the account.

Personal information:





Billing details:










API settings:



Tab 1 – Shop details

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Tab 1 – Shop details

Carolin Schlenther
posted this on January 25, 2012 16:31

This is the first tab in the header and gives you the opportunity to set up all the general information necessary for activating your shop.

  • Shop details
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping
  • E-mail settings
  • Shop features
  • Coupon discount
  • Invoice Settings
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Delete Shop

Shop details

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Under shop details you can enter the following information:

  • shop name
  • its country of origin
  • the shop language
  • currency
  • logo
  • VAT
  • time zone
  • a description of the Facebook shop.

Payment methods

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When you set up your shop you can choose between PayPal, sofort banking (DE, AT, CH, BE, UK, NL, IT), bank transfer, payment per invoice, payment on delivery, or credit card payments (only via Wirecard, Adyen or Other payment methods are available upon request!


  • PayPal

Before you choose this option open a PayPal account that accepts payments (if you haven’t already done so). Then choose PayPal as payment method when you set up your Facebook Shop and enter the email address connected to your PayPal account.

This is all you need to do to connect your Facebook Shop to your PayPal account. PayPal may ask you to do a seperate integration, but this is not necessary. You are already all set up and ready to go!

  • Sofortüberweisung/Sofortbanking

Sofortbanking is a direct credit transfer system. To accept Sofortbanking payments simply enter the requested information in your Ondango user account.

For more information on Sofortbanking please visit .

  • Credit Card

This payment method is currently only possible via Wirecard, Adyen and

To accept credit card payments simply enter the requested information in your Ondango user account.

  • Wirecard, Adyen and

Wirecard is an international payment processor that supports all important credit and debit cards. For more information on Wirecard please visit . Contact: .

Adyen is an Internet payment system for international merchants that supports over 75 payment methods across 4 continents. For more information on Adyen please visit Contact: .

Authorize.Net is a Payment Gateway that can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. For more information on please visit . Contact: .



Shipping – Global settings

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Under shipping the shop owner can lay down his shipping regulations, i.e. country/zone, price, prices for shipping, etc.


  • Digital goods

Digital goods (like vouchers, e-books, music files, etc.) have no shipping costs and customers do not need to enter a shipping address.

This is a general setting but it can be overwritten for certain products by changing their specific shipping settings under Products –> Shipping (uncheck “Use global shipping setting”).

  • Price for additional

Choosing the “Price for additional” option allows you to set different shipping costs (usually lower than the normal cost) for additional products purchased.

For example example: A product’s shipping cost is $2 and the shipping cost for additional products has been set at $1. If a customer buys three products, he will pay $4 on shipping costs ($2 plus two times $1).

  • Flat shipping

By choosing the flat shipping option you can decide on certain shipping costs starting from a certain amount of purchasing value.

For example: You want to remit the customer’s shipping costs on purchases of €50,00 or higher. For that you simply have to select “Offer flat shipping cost”, enter the value of €50,00 in the upper window and €0,00 in the lower window.

  • Additional shipping information

By ticking this option an additional window opens in which you can enter any extra information you want to provide.


Note: If a specific product has different shipping destinations or costs from other products on offer, you can lay those down when creating the product itself. This will overwrite the general shipping costs and conditions that have been set up at this point (Products > Shipping > uncheck “Use global shipping setting”).



E-mail seetings

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Here you can enter your sales and support e-mail address, through which your customers can contact you.

You can also enter the SMTP details of your e-mail domain and send customized sales e-mails to your customers.



Shop features

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Shop features include social plugins, Header banner,  Fan discount, Coupon discount, Newsletter opt-in and Trusted Shops certificate.


  • Social plugins

With the help of this function you can add social share functions to his products. They are the Facebook “Like” button, the Facebook “Send” button, a “Share link” button, a Twitter “Tweet” button and a Pinterest “Pin it” button.

  • Header banner

Add a banner (520×90 pixels) to the header of your shop page and thus customize it even more. You can also add a url to the banner, so visitors can, for example, arrive directly on the website of your external online shop if they click on it.

  • Fan discount
Treat your customers to a discount. When you first open your shop and want to push the advertising, you can set up a special fan discount. It applies only to the first fans that buy something on your shop (shipping costs not included). You can define the level of discount and the number of purchases benefiting from it.
  • Coupon discount
You can set up a separate coupon discount and reward your most loyal fans. You can choose your own code, the amount of the discount percentage, the number of coupons available as well as the end date of the discount campaign. View Integrate Ondango Coupons with Facebook Offers to find out how to use Facebook Offers to your advantage!
  • Newsletter opt-in

With this option activated, the Facebook page fans can choose to subscribe to your newsletter. This is a single opt-in.

In some countries you might need a second opt-in; if that’s the case you will have to send your customers an e-mail asking them to confirm their subscription.

  • Trusted Shop certificate

To increase the buyers’ confidence, you can display a Trusted Shops seal of approval and at the same time offer a buyer protection guarantee (Classic).

The service is available for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Read the post Trusted Shops Certificate for more information.



Coupon codes

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It is possible to set up up to 45 separate coupon codes for your Ondango Shop. Simply enter a preferred code, the amount of discount you would like to offer, the number of available discounted purchases and an end date and time (if required). Also check out the article on integrating the Ondango coupons with the Facebook Offers feature.



Terms & Conditions

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Here,  you can enter your Terms  Conditions, Privacy Policy, Imprint and Return Policy.



Tab 2 – Products

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Under Products, the second tab in the header, you can upload the products, decide on specific settings and add product details.